"The world is ruled by imagination."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

"A little neglect may breed great mischief."

-Benjamin Franklin

What we do

Some people may be asking what we do on an investigation. Well, to start, we hold a preliminary interview with the client to gather as much information about their concerns as possible. One concern of ours is to keep confidentiality for all clients who wish to keep their names withheld. Once we have the information, we, along with the client, decide on a date and time for the investigation. We understand that most people do not want strangers in their homes or business while they are not there, so we offer investigations with the client present when requested.

The first things that we do are to take an EMF sweep of the house and record the findings so that we know where there already electromagnetic frequencies and set up the stationary cameras as well as a work station for them. We will be checking the equipment and making sure things are ready for the evening. Once all the preliminary work is done we will break out into teams and investigate with the EMF/Cameras/DVR equipment or spend time taking note of the surveillance equipment. At the end of the investigation all equipment will be packed away and the premises left as it was before we arrived. We will review the evidence and have it back to you within 7 to 14 days of the completion of the investigation. The case review will be posted online unless it is specifically asked to be kept confidential.