"I read the news today, oh boy."

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"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

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Current Projects of the KCPS

Just finished pdating the website... more to come soon. We just fnished an investigation at the Old American Woolen Mill and are starting evidence review tomorrow. We are also very excited to have Dirigo Paranormal joining us for an investigation this Saturday at the Mill Agent's House... check them out! http://www.dirigoparanormalsociety.webs.com/

-Dan Johnston


Things have been crazy, but we have the beginnings of our mill investigation up as weill as results from an investigation at a private residence in Readfield. We are looking to go back to do more investigating at that hoise. We are also looking to go back to the mill to investigate as well. We are working with the Readfield Historical Society to setup an investigation, and are interviewing some potential clients tomorrow... busy, busy, busy... Bill also has some interesting things indevelopment for us!

-Dan Johnston


Sorry for the delay... things have been rather crazy for some of us... especially those of us who are teachers at this end of the school year time. Our original mill investigation did not pan out due to inclement weather, so has been rescheduled for, well, tonight. We will be heading out shortly and getting thigs rolling. Keep an eye on the website. We will update within the next few weeks with everything we found.

-Dan Johnston


It's been a while, but I assure you we are all still alive.We have been having a lot of fun lately and those of us who are school teachers have been busy as can be with the school year including your webmaster, me. We have done a few investigations and have another one on the way. We have done three investigations to date at the Mill Agent's House in Vassalboro, ME and will soon be doing one at the American Woolen Mill in Vassalboro, ME in late March/early April.

We also met up with some really cool college kids from Unity College who did an investigation and will be joining us on our mill investigation.

-Dan Johnston


We recently went on a trip around southern Maine looking at diffeent urban legends and taking a look at some of the most famous ghost stories in the state of Maine. Check out our Urban Legends section for more info! We will be heading north for our next trip. Keep checking back for details!

- Dan Johnston

- 8/11/10

Andy accompanied EPNE on an ongoing investigation at the Mechanic Falls Historical Society on July 3. Please check their website for desciptions of the investigation within a few weeks of it's completion. Andy was happy with the experience he had and he was impressed with the quality of work and ethics shown by EPNE. He was impressed with the quality of the evidence recoreded by them as well.

We are looking to team up with EPNE for another big investigation, but we don't want to spoil the surprise just yet. Keep checking back and wait for our announcement.

We recently started looking into Maine urban legends and just checked out Buck's grave in Bucksport. Next week we plan on going to visit Mary Nasson's grave in Southern Maine.

- Dan Johnston

- 7/12/10 >