If the dead can't rest in peace, how on Earth can the living?

-- Cheri Revai

When I'm asked 'Are you afraid of the dark?', my answer is 'No, I'm afraid of what is in the dark.'

-- Barry Fitzgerald

Mill Agent's House (3 visits)
Vassalboro, ME

We asked Ray, the owner, if we could do an investigation overnight at the Mill Agent's House in Vassalboro and he was more than accommodating. If you haven't heard of this house, you need to check it out here.

Case specifics: There are some very distinct things that make this house unique. First and foremost, the house has been in existence since 1847. It has a rich history and that history is closely tied to the activity reported there. In apartment 1, in the 1940's, one of the rooms was used for illegal abortions. This room and adjoining rooms and hallways are reported to have 18 children roaming them and playing. In one of the upstairs apartments, a woman can be heard crying because in life she lost her three children to disease. Also, the Captain resides in the basement. He is the most frequently talked about and seems to be the most active spirit in the house. He often leaves the sweet smell of tobacco behind him and has been known to follow people home.

Case Review 8/24/10: The night of this investigation we had 7 people of our members with us. In attendance were Dan, Bill, Andy, Guy, Robert, Leif, and Derek. We set up the DVR cameras in the crying room, and three in apartment 1 with the abortion room. Over the course of the night we had many interesting things happen, mostly in the basement. One of the biggest things that happened to us was some unusual camera malfunctions including pink lights blurring the screen and at one point in time half of a picture being illuminated with another picture. We also had some really unusual voices and noises appear on some EVPs and on camera from the basement during a time when we were having success with the EMF detectors. We believe we were talking with a second spirit believed to dwell in the basement.

This is the red light captured on the handheld camera.

Audio - Unknown Voice

Video - Evidence

Case Review 11/11/10: For this investigation we were approached by a group of students from Unity College looking for help with a multimedia presentation they needed for a final project for their class. Our original intent was to help them with the Central Maine Sanatorium, but that was put on hold for other reasons and we approached Ray for help, and within two weeks we had the students in for a tour and an investigation.

In attendance of this investigation were Dan, Bill, Andy, Guy, and 5 students from Unity College. We set up two cameras in the abortion room, one in the attic, and one in the basement. We also set up Guy's handheld camera  in the abortion room with IR lights on it. Over the course of the night we had some weird experiences with Bill seeing someone on the walkway he believed to be Guy, but Guy was nowhere in sight. He believes he saw the Captain. While Greg and Dan were in the basement they had success using a lantern to have a conversation with the captain. Upon our evidence review we encountered some unusual noises when no one was around a stationary camera in the abortion room. We also had some interesting things caught on EVP.

Video - Dan and Greg

Video - Odd Noises 1

Video - Odd Noises 2

Video - Odd Moving Orb

Video - Green Light

Video - Camera Malfunction 1

Video - Camera Malfunction 2

Video - Camera Malfunction 3

Video - Camera Malfunction 4

Case Review 11/27/10: Attending this investigation were Dan, Andy, Guy, Matt, Roxanne, and Melissa. We had 2 DVR cameras set up in the basement and 2 in the attic as well as Guy's camera setup in the abortion room with IR lights attached. The ladies reported having uneasy feelings for most of the night. Three times, Matt and Dan had success using the mag light as a medium. Once in the basement room with the captain where there were some unusual EMF hits and EVPs as well. In the they had a conversation with the other spirit from the basement who supposedly had a message for Andy, and again while they were in the abortion room with the girls, they had another conversation with the same individual. There were also two unusual orbs that were picked up on camera.

This is the orb taken outside of the house. If you zoom in, you can see a face in it.

This is the orb Guy caught with his camera.

This is the picture of where the pipe is in the basement. On the DVR when no one was in the room and the flashlight was gone, the table lit up right where the pipe is.

Audio - Captain - Murmur and Interference

Audio - Jacks

Video - Evidence Part 1

Video - Evidence Part 2