"An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself."

-Charles Dickens

"There is no ghost so difficult to lay as the ghost of an injury."

-Alexander Smith

Private Residence

Readfield, ME - 7/15/2011

We were asked to investigate a house in which there was activity such as phantom sounds, sensored lights being triggered, apparitions, items being altered, and smells. We interviewed the owners and found out that there was a fire near the property close to thirty years ago in which three children and one adult died. The property that they lived on had a septic put in close to twenty years before, bu no permanent structure was placed for living until eight years ago.

Andy, Guy, and Dan were present on this investigation.The first thing we did when we got to the house was to set up our IR cameras recording the inside of the house and the back porch, and to put up a stationary camera watching the garage. Unfortunately, the phantom sounds of a car pulling in, and opening and closing a door, happened before we were able to set up our equipment. This sound was heard by the owners as well as Guy. The light sensor was alos triggered with nothing there. People checked the door quickly to see if an automobile was actually leaving the driveway. We also took some time to get pictures of things around the property. The owners claimed that the fire may have been closer to their property than originally thought and the following rocks on their property give credence to their claim because of the scorch marks on them.

At this time Andy went inside with the owners and setup a flashlight to try and communicate. Dan and Guy stayed outside to work with the light sensor and found out that it was not terribly sensitive and could be quite difficult to set off. We also checked the road to see if there were any other signs of a driveway leading somewhere other than the property and the neighbors to see if the original house that caught fire may have been somewhere else, but we saw nothing to lead us to that conclusion.

Inside was where most of the activity occurred. A conversation was conducted using the flashlight and it seemed to respond to the owners much more frequently than it did us, especially to questions about the fire and how it may have started. Later on the spirit seemed to change and it seemed to be one who knew about guitars as it seemed to alter the setup of the owners guitar even though he had finished a show only hours before. The owner played with the guitar and talked about Stevie Ray Vaughan a lot and played some music of his as well, and that seemed to placate the spirit. There were also some odd odors smelled such as baby powder over the course of the night even though nothing like that was physically present in the house. The spirits also seemed to want us to stay out of the far room and used the light to communicate that message to Andy. Overall it was an eventful night in which we got some interesting evps (located below) and some interesting video which you can see on our youtube channel. The camera's moving were unexpected and we have yet to see if anything may have physically moved them. At this time, we consider this residence to be haunted and are looking forward to going back for a future investigation.

Youtube Video

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Fire Question

Hoo Noise

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Odd Noise