"We sometimes catch a window. A glimpse of what's beyond."

-Neil Peart

"I've often felt that dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask."

-Fox Mulder

Private Residence

Sanford, ME - 3/27/2010

The house is a 3 bedroom house with a basement and attic above the master bedroom. Previous claims of activity cannot be obtained as no contact has been made with prior tenants. There have been 5 tenants in the last 5 years. The current family has been there for 2 years and have only been given the explanation that the other tenants “found somewhere else to move”. There was also an addition built onto the house. It was originally two bedrooms and is now three.

The client and his family have all heard noises in the house. The most active areas are the basement, attic, and kitchen. The children have seen an apparition walking in the kitchen. The wife indicated that she had seem something in the kitchen as well. A white stand has been tipped over numerous times.

The family feels that the house is haunted. They believe that bad things have been happening since they moved in. The client has checked the house after the activity and found no cause for it. Even the cats have frequently been in the same room as the family during much of this activity. The father has been getting in small accidents with his trucking business since moving into the house. The youngest child has been sleeping with the light on because he is so scared. The wife definitely believes something is there.

We arrived at the house between 6 and 7pm. Dan and Guy were at the home with the clients, giving them a brief description of the equipment we would be using. Upon Andy and Bill's arrival, Dan and Bill started setting up cameras and doing base readings for EMF. They indicated that there were high EMF spikes in both the boys and parents bedrooms. Guy and Andy did the interview with the wife, as her husband was gone dropping off her son.

As the night progressed, we separated into teams with the clients present and participating in the EVP sessions. During one of these sessions, the K2 meter was reported to have flashed by the clients , however there is neither video nor KCPS team member verification of this. Later as Dan and Andy went for coffee and to listen to an EVP which appeared to catch some malfunctioning of a walkie-talkie that a team member was using, Guy and the Clients did an EVP session in the boys room. The clients seemed to be under the impression that the homeowners’ mother was the entity they had been feeling in the home.

During the night there were a few times when the K2 meter seemed to respond to questions asked by Andy and Dan, then again, later to some of the same questions asked by Guy and Dan. These, however, were not consistent enough for us to consider evidence. These K2 hits were taken just after 11pm when Andy had decided to try another technique for communicating with the spirit in the home. Upon entering the home at roughly 11pm, Andy asked the clients if they minded going for a ride with Bill. At this time, the DVR had a hard-drive error that was easily fixed, and a few moments later the lights in the living room that were on flickered. We were then informed by the clients that things normally start to happen at 11pm.

The question that was asked that seemed to get a response on the K2 was, “Are there three spirits in this house?” When asked a second and third time by Andy and Guy, there were no responses. This, combined with the fact that there was a high EMF base in the room, and possible passing EMF signals from vehicles, we cannot count this as evidence at this time. There were also a few moments during which Guy felt extremely dizzy and almost collapsed during the EVP session. It is under consideration that Guy may be sensitive to High EMF. Testing of this is being done soon. Shortly after 12:30am, we broke down the equipment and left.

Upon review of EVP, Video and Photographic evidence there was nothing found. We called and spoke with the renter and advised him that at this time we are unable to say we feel the home is haunted, however, we did give him contact information for Pine Tree Paranormal and advised that if he allows them to share information with us, that we can provide them with information as well. After they investigate we would consider a return visit ourselves if any evidence is found, but at this point in time we consider this case to be closed.