"Ghost hunting is kind of like fishing, you don't really know if you're going to catch anything or not, and most of the time you're just waiting."

- Ron Thorne

"The Supernatural is the Natural, just not yet understood."

- Elbert Hubbard

Apartment complex

Undisclosed Location, ME - 8/30/09

We were asked to investigate an apartment that has shown signs of paranormal activity for well over 25 years.

Case specifics: The owner of the complex, as well as many other witnesses, claim having seen apparitions ranging from a woman wearing a long white dress to the face of an African-American male. Some of the apparitions were full bodied while others were only partial apparitions. Many of the apparitions are thought to be family members of the owners of the complex.

There have also been accounts of numerous poltergeist type activities. Keys have flown across rooms, items have been brought to other rooms in the house with no one to account for their placement, and other items have simply gone missing while the apartments were empty and someone's back was turned. There is also a smudge on a living room wall as if someone had passed through it.

There have been reports of dogs barking at nothing and being scared to enter certain rooms. The most intriguing report was that of a person who woke up covered in scratches. This incident  was in the area most visited by what is believed to be a malicious spirit.

Case review: We entered the apartment complex at 9 at night and received a tour of the complex and the rooms we would be allowed to investigate. After our initial setup, we split up into two teams of three and began investigating. Numerous unusual things happened over the course of the evening. On the third floor we experienced no paranormal activity.

On the second floor of the apartment complex, where the person was scratched, we did have some unusual experiences. First off, there was a sink in the kitchen that began dripping shortly after the start of our investigation. The dripping changed patterns over the course of the night, but maintained it's rhythm for roughly ten minute stretches before changing. Around the same time, there was the sound of a metal object crashing in the kitchen while no one was there. When we looked over the kitchen no items were out of place, and nothing was on the ground. Finally, on the second floor, we had many EMF spikes while attempting to talk to the spirit who had scratched the person. Most of the spikes occurred while questions were being asked about that specific incident. We also recorded some unusual EVPS, including one in which an answer was given to a question about a ghost's location. The images and audio files below were all from the second floor.

The following are all EVPs from the night. Right click and choose "Save Target As..." to hear the files.

Sink 1

Sink 2

From Maine

Metal Sound

Unknown EVP

Session 1

Session 1.2

On the first floor, we had an experience of a different sort. While asking questions we received many EMF spikes on our meters. Almost all of these spikes came as a result of questions from or about one of our investigators who  we later found out looked like a deceased family member of the owner's of the complex. This phenomenon happened more than once and was consistent throughout the night.

At this point in time we do not have enough concrete evidence to make a clear conclusion on this case, but it is considered open for further investigation and we hope to get back soon to do more work here.