"But are not the dreams of poets and tales of travellers notoriously false?"

- H. P. Lovecraft
"We are fascinated by the darkness in ourselves, we are fascinated by the shadow, we are fascinated by the boogeyman."

- Anthony Hopkins

River Road Markers

Brunswick, ME - 8/9/10

The story goes that there are five stones on the River Road in Brunswick that have strange markings on them, and on certain nights you can hear people screaming or chanting around them. Many rumors and legends surround these markers.

Finding these River Road markers was y far the most difficult task, and we only located two of them, thanks to the Maine Ghost Hunters Youtube Video. We noted that these structures were each about 7 feet tall. The stones were standing upright and were rather slim, but the first stone we looked at did seem to have smooth circular grooves that could have been from a drill or device used to split this type of stone. After spending some time looking at the stones, noticing their location to the road, and their general cut we decided that they were most likely road markers from when the road was first built.

Old York

York, ME - 8/9/10

Supposedly, the Emerson-Wilcox house is haunted by a young boy who was murdered by his friend, Joseph Moody, during a hunting accident when they were young. The old Gaol is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Patience Boston who was hanged elsewhere for committing the murder of the host family she was staying with, but was jailed within the old Gaol.

After speaking to the museum guide, who had been in both buildings, and even during the night over the course of the past seven years, informed us that these were just urban legends and that he had never heard any noises or sen any sign of an apparition anywhere.

Also, at this site is the Old York Burying Ground, site of the Mary Nasson grave. Legend has it that she is a witch and when she was buried an additional stone was placed over her grave to keep her in the ground. There is supposedly a temperature difference between the slab of stone covering her grave and her headstone.

It was noted that there is a noticeable difference in the temperatures of the two pieces of stone, about 3 degrees, but it should also be noted
that one stone is granite and the other shale, which have different levels of heat retention. It has also been noted that Mary's husband moved, and placed the slab over her grave to keep the pigs from uprooting the ground.

Witchtrot Rd.

York, ME - 8/9/10

Supposedly, during the Salem Witch Trials a woman was accused of being a witch in the town of York. On her way to her sentencing, she had the horses veer off the road and scare the driver as well as the horses. Legend has it you can hear the horses hoof beats as this phantom carriage travels down the road and people experience the hair raising on the backs of their necks as well as having an uneasy feeling. 

The only problem with this story is that the Old Witchtrot Rd. is a dead end, so there is no validity to this story taking place. There have also never been any reporting of witches in Maine in any historical records.

Western Cemetery

Portland, ME - 8/9/1

There are many stories of witchcraft and ghosts surrounding this cemetery. After walking the area in the daytime and again at night, only one thing was apparent, this place was a disaster. Many of the graves were knocked over or even broken, iron bars were missing from around family plots, and the grass and paths were not maintained to any extent. I would feel bad for anybody who had family interred in this cemetery. There were beautiful examples of architecture, rich history, and untold stories to be learned, but nothing paranormal. If you get a chance, take a walk through this cemetery and look at some of the tombstones and markers that were beautifully made.


Route 26

New Gloucester to Poland, ME - 8/9/10

Supposedly there was a famous murder of a Mary Knight in New Gloucester and her ghost haunts route 26 there. She is wearing a billowing white dress, and is looking for a ride. The story gives if you give her a ride, she will offer you prophetic advice that is always good advice.

In Poland, a horrific car crash was said to have occurred at the "7 deadly turns" on route 26. Supposedly, a woman is walking down the road, sometimes bloody, sometimes not, and she is sometimes being followed by a man, but she will disappear shortly after being noticed.

Traveling both of these roads at dark, neither apparition appeared, but the roads are relatively well traveled, and there is some serious construction happening at this time on route 26, so the presence of these ghosts was not noticed.

***Overall, the day was exciting and the weather was beautiful, but we saw no signs of any paranormal activity anywhere.