"Under none of the accredited ghostly circumstances, and environed by none of the conventional ghostly surroundings, did I first make acquaintance with the house."

-Charles Dickens

"They say that shadows of deceased ghosts do haunt the houses and the graves about, of such whose life's lamp went untimely out, delighting still in their forsaken hosts."

-Joshua Sylvester

Private Residence

Winslow, ME - 3/11/2008 and 3/15/2008

I spoke with the clients about activity in their rental home in Winslow, Maine. They often feel a presence in the room followed by a voice asking “What are you doing?”

They have also felt a presence in their bedroom, stating that many times as they are lying in bed it feels like someone is sitting on the end of the bed and only one of them is there. They have also seen an apparition in their bedroom and saw a light shining on the wall. It has been explained that there are boxes blocking the windows in this room, so it could not have been a passing car.

They explained the experience as “caught out of the corner of my eye, and only lasted an instant but it was bright enough to light up a flag on the wall.” They are unsure if the light was on the wall or free floating. They have experienced other activity within the home, hearing doors open and closing.

They have also explained that their daughter was standing next to her and saw a man standing in the room. This experience was very frightening for the girl, age 3, who was cowering next to her mother. This is the first and last time the girl has experienced anything.

03/11/2008 - We did a walkthrough with the owners as we visited their home. While there, around 8pm, in one of the children’s room we observed a spike on the EMF. This spike was observed in the center of their room, but not near the floor or the overhead light. A few pictures were taken at the time. These photos were clear of any anomalies. Less then 10 minutes later in the adjoining room we experienced spikes on the EMF, sometimes as high as 4. These readings moved from one side of the room to the other and back again (in the area where they often hear footsteps). While there I also decided where the IR cameras would be setup in order to capture the areas of activity.

03/15/2008  - We put IR cameras in the two rooms intended for the kids, and recorded throughout the night. Recording started around 11:45 pm. Around midnight some of the team went upstairs to do an EVP session while getting EMF readings, others joined them 15-20 minutes later. After reviewing evidence, I realized that it was at this time when we caught an EVP titled in records as BB_EVP1. A few minutes later we started doing EVP recordings and EMF readings in the master bedroom. Upon evidence review it was during this session that MB_EVP1 and MB_EVP2 were captured. Other then a few hundred orbs caught on IR CAMS there was no visual evidence collected during this Investigation. There were some EMF spikes, mainly in the back bedroom.

It was in this room that the members of the team were able to get multiple EMF spikes, some causing the meter to peak of the scale. These spikes seemed to be moving around the room for a period of just over 30 minutes, however I could not reproduce these same readings myself. We stopped the investigation at 3:20am.

The family has since moved from this location. The children have been able to adjust to their new home and are sleeping in their own rooms now. As a result of the family no longer living at this location, we no longer have access to the location and therefore have to consider the case closed at this time.