"Perpetual peace is only found in the graveyard"

- Immanuel Kant

"Those people deserve a legacy that's more than just a slab of marble in the ground."

- Bill King

Potential Graveyard

Fairfield, ME - 10/31/09

Prior to the investigation Alec told some stories about the Seventh Day Adventists who used to live on his property. Supposedly, the people had a farm, church, and house on the property, but sectioned it off and sold it in two pieces. They had a small cemetery in the back of the property according to the information that Alec had. One of the new residents bulldozed the graveyard down and supposedly pushed it into a nearby stream. There have been claims of paranormal activity in the graveyard's supposed location as well as the houses nearby.

After a short investigation by Alec and Dan a small stand was found buried in the suspected area that may have been a grave marker. We also checked the water to look for pieces of stone that may have been weathered down stones. We did find a few things that may have fit the bill, but we weren't sure.

Members of the KCPS then decided to investigate the area. We did an initial EMF sweep and found nothing of any significance. We realized there was a cemetery slightly down the road, and we went to check and see if the stones there matched the piece we had dug up. None of them matched. We continued a sweep of the area and came up with no concrete evidence of anything. We also checked out the nearby houses and found no evidence of anything paranormal. At this point in time, there seems to be some merit to the story of a graveyard having once been there, but there is little we can do in terms of putting it back the way it should be or in locating anything paranormal. At this point in time, the KCPS considers this case closed.